How To Check Electricity Bill Paid Or Not

Everyone in Pakistan should check that their electricity bill is paid to avoid extra charges. If you don’t pay on time, you’ll incur late fees based on your bill amount.That extra amount will be significant, especially for higher bills. In such cases, consumers won’t be able to pay their electricity bills. How ToCheck Electricity Bill … Read more

Online Bill Payments

People can pay their electricity bills online using different methods. Almost every bank enables you to pay Online Bill Payment  on their website or mobile app. If you don’t have it already, you can ask your bank to turn on Internet banking for you. This gives you access to various online services like paying bills, … Read more

MEPCO Bill SMS Registration

Through Mepco Bill SMS Registration, users can effortlessly handle and make payments for their MEPCO , FESCO , IESCO , and QESCO  bills. In SMS bill activation, users can get a message about their electricity bill; payment of that bill is just a few taps on a mobile phone. Process of SMS Registration in MEPCO … Read more

Energy Efficiency and Calculation

Energy efficiency and Calculation means achieving the same product or output, such as lighting and heating, while utilizing less energy. As Per documented, energy efficiency is a cheap and ample resource processed by most countries. As per the International Energy Agency (IEA), an enhancement in energy efficiency across industries, transportation, and buildings can bring about … Read more

Reduce Electric Bills by Solar Panels

With the rising accessibility and growing acceptance of renewable energy. Homeowners are struggling to Reduce Electricity Bill by Solar Panels into their monthly electricity expenses. However, the potential savings on electricity bills and the installation of solar panels can vary depending on factors like location, system size, and electricity consumption. While these variables introduce some … Read more

Electricity Billing Inquiries

Electricity Billing Inquiries refers to any questions, doubts, or concerns. These are all points individuals may face regarding the billing process for their electricity usage. The quarries of MEPCO Electricity Bill , FESCO Electricity Bill , ISECO Electricity Bill involve seeking information, clarification, and cooperation regarding calculating electricity units, payment methods, due dates, tariffs, meter … Read more

MEPCO Helpline

Multan Electric Power Company (MEPCO) is one of Pakistan’s largest electricity distribution companies. The only electric company in Pakistan that touches Three provinces and Five distribution companies as well , MEPCO Helpline available 24/7 for their consumers. Call the number below to get update about load shedding , tracking etc :  0800-63726 Additionally, To inquire … Read more

New Electricity Connection

To Get New Electricity Connection, the government of Pakistan has introduced a creditable initiative for the convenience of the public. WAPDA, PEPCO, and electricity distribution companies (DISCOs) have opened an online portal for acquiring domestic and industrial electricity connections. This Online platform has effectively streamlined the entire procedure. The MEPCO , FESCO , ISECO’s new … Read more

Components Of Electricity Bill

A helpful guide for comprehending the electricity bill: Carefully review your electricity Bill components either MEPCO, FESCO, or IESCO to ensure accuracy and error. The purpose is to understand how much energy is consumed. If any discrepancies or questions arise regarding its accuracy or consumption levels, reach out to customer service for clarification or resolution. … Read more