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You may quickly check your Hyderabad Electric Supply Company (HESCO) Bill Online on our free website with ease. If you didn’t get your bill on time, you can check the due date , Payable amount, Units consumed and also print or download a copy of your bill. So, enter your 14-digit reference number below and click on “Search Bill”:

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Putting People First: Key Focus Areas Of HESCO:

Moto of Hyderabad Electric Supply Company is to “Guiding Light” and the “Path towards Change”. This change may be for people, employees and customers of HESCO, with priority first and foremost.

  • Change : 

    • Change the method of doing work.
    • The customer is the king.
    • Change the Meaning of service delivery and bonding with customers.
  • Employee Satisfaction:

    • Career and development growth of employees.
    • As per current financial point of view, the satisfaction of employees.
    • Physical and Physiological Safety of Employees
  • Commitment:

    • Be committed to customers and with Job.
    • Own it, Company will give you identity.

14-Digit Reference Number in HESCO Bill :

A Guide to Understanding and Searching

The first two digits from (14) of your reference number indicate your Batch number, the next four digits represent your sub-division, and the remaining Seven indicate your account number assigned by the electric company . To check your HESCO bill Online, you will need to enter your 14-digit reference number. You can check the Reference Number in the following way from your electricity bill.

  1.  After finding your reference number, do put it in the field. (Note. Reference no must be without any space) 
  2.  Press the “Print Bill “button (A copy of the HESCO bill will come up for you) 
  3. If you want to print it, enter the print button or press Crt+P.

Hesco online bill

An Overview of HESCO :

The Hyderabad Electric Supply Corporation (HESCO) is a Pakistani public utility corporation. The main responsibility is for electricity distribution in the Sindh province region of Hyderabad. It is governed by the Ministry of Energy and the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA). In their allocated service areas, specially Mepco, Fesco, and Hesco provides, distribute, and maintain the electrical infrastructure, including the meters, substations, and transmission lines.

Intimations For consumers :

The corporation runs frequent campaigns to inform consumers about the value of paying electricity bills, deterring power theft, and enhancing energy-saving habits to solve issues including power theft, line losses, and infrastructure maintenance. Customers have several ways to pay their power bills, including online payment portals, particular bank branches, and customer service offices. A specialized team at HESCO handles customer complaints and feedback, which takes customer satisfaction seriously. They work hard to improve their services and respond quickly to any problems.

Empowering Pakistan -: Vision, and Mission of HESCO 

The Hyderabad Electric supply company has a mission to distribute energy within the jurisdiction of HESCO with prosperity. To fulfil consumer expectations, Hesco ensures high-order maintenance of its technical facilities. In addition, Hesco provides a secure and safe working environment for all its employees and stakeholders.

The vision of Hyderabad Electric supply company is to provide consumers with an uninterrupted power supply. This activity signifies a socio-economic role on a national level.

HESCO Electricity Distribution Areas:

As the mission and vision of HESCO, To supply un-interrupted electricity and services to 1.2 million consumers. Hyderabad Electric supplies are divided into 12 districts, four operational circles, 15 operational divisions, and 69 sub-divisions. The functional circles are : 

Circle Division Subdivision
Hyderabad  04 16
Laar  05 19
NawabShah  03 21
Mirpurkhas  03 13

The Circle is overseen by Superintending Engineers (SEs), While Executive Engineers (XENs) manage the Divisions and Sub Divisional Officers (SDOs) are responsible for running the Subdivisions. Additionally, each division has a designated Customer Services Officer (CSO) who handles customer-related matters.


Q. How Prospective user can apply for new Connection ?

Prospective consumers can obtain an application form at no cost from the Sub-Division office in their area. Once the application form is duly filled out, it should be submitted to the Sub-Division office, where the assigned clerk will provide a receipt as an acknowledgement of receiving the application. The new connection application will then undergo processing at the Sub-Division office, and the connection will be installed within 35 to 45 days.

Q. How correction/error can be correct in HESCO Bill?

If any error found in HESCO Bill Online then consumers are recommend to report that correction to the relevant Sub-Division or Revenue Office for a solution.