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The generation of technology made things easier for people. The GEPCO Bill Online system is a digital version of the traditional paper that customers receive in their mail or can be checked online. It contains all the details of the customer’s electricity consumption for a period, including the payable amount and due date, etc. GEPCO (Gujranwala Electric Power Company) offers to generate duplicate electric bills online.

Search Your Electricity Bill


Luckily, To generate a GEPCO E-Bill, you don’t have to wait for the bill distributor. Enter the Reference Number printed on the “top right” OR “Left Bottom ” of your Bill. To get instant results of the Bill, which is convenient and user-friendly.

GEPCO Online Bill

Processing Of Online Bill Payments In GEPCO:

In Gujranwala Electric Power Company, Online bill payment options are very simple and have several options for users. Customers can use any below options for the payment of Electricity are 

  • All Commercial Banks (Online /Offline Payment)
  • Easy Paisa application(Online)
  • On NADRA Kiosk & E-Sahulat centers
  • Via JazzCash Or Bill Option
  • UBL Omni/ HBL Konnect 

It’s a common and Simple practice of customers to pay bills at any nearest branch of the Bank by getting a Hard Copy of the Bill. Furthermore, bills can be paid online via any mobile application to save time. Online payment is the advanced e-payment mechanism which we should adopt with time.

Empowering Pakistan:

History -:

Gujranwala Electric Power Company Limited (GEPCO) was established on 25th April 1998 and obtained a certificate for confinement. After that the Govt. of Pakistan (GoP) and department (WAPDA) has decided to set up an independent and autonomous Authority to deal with power system networks including power generation, transmission and distribution.

Vision -:

GEPCO’s vision is to become a leading Distribution Company, providing ethical and sustainable customer services.

Mission -:

The Mission of GEPCO is to deliver a safe & Secure Power supply to all our customers. With the technological approach, Gepco aims to get targets and quality services for their consumers.

GEPCO Service Areas with Reliable Electricity Distribution  and Solution:

GEPCO plays an important role in ensuring a reliable electricity supply within its jurisdiction. Moreover , Gujranwala Electric Supply provides the socio-economic status of the region with a mission to improve services for its customers. 

Besides, gepco ensures power distribution to their residential, commercial, and industrial customers within the area. 

GEPCO's jurisdiction

GEPCO handles the billing processes, which include meter readings and managing consumers’ accounts as well. it manages the regular maintenance and up-gradation of power infrastructure and distribution. It provides safety guidelines and technical assistance to consumers and campaigns in electrical installations, usage, and energy conservation.

Utilizing Mobile Devices for Data Collection in GEPCO : 

GEPCO offers the services to their customers, to get duplicate bills and meter reading through SMS on mobile devices. In this service, customers will send an SMS with a Name, Email, Reference Number and Mobile Number on GEPCO Number (03-330-430-111) for registration. To get more detail on Bill Month, Units Consumed in a month, and Due date from Search Bill.

GEPCO also launched the services to get CNIC data of customers to update their Database and on Electricity Bills. To use this option, register on the official site with a) Reference Number, b) Name, c) CNIC, and d) Cell Number.

Exploring the Online Services of GEPCO :

Online Bill Status Paid Or Not :

In this option, users have a common hectic issue related to bill payments. This problem can be resolved with an easy approach ,Helpline is available 24/7 to confirm the status of the bill paid or not. Moreover, by sharing a reference number you can get more information about any error or correction in the bill. 

Online E-Complaint:

To do an online complaint against any error do the following steps:
  • Visit the website of GEPCO.
  • Click on the “Customer Service” tab.
  • Click on the link “Complaint Registration”.
  • Fill up all the required details in text boxes and submit it.

Online Helpline :

+92-55-9200516, 9200504, 9200592


Q. How can I correct errors in my GEPCO Bill?

In case of any error in the bill, the consumer should report that issue to the concerned Sub-Division office/Revenue office. After the verification, the error will be resolved by the concerned authority from the bill. 

Q. How can I increase or decrease load according to use?

The consumer should have to apply for load increase/decrease. For this, consumers will apply to the SDO/Competent authority. After verification of the load and test report the load increased/decreased according to the received request.

Q. How customer can apply for disconnection of his supply and refund of security?

The consumer, who doesn’t want to continue his supply due to Net Metering or some other reason , will apply for permanent disconnection to the SDO office on the prescribed Form. After that SDO will mark the application to the concerned RO for clearance of the remaining amount, if any. After views/comments from RO, the SDO will order to disconnect the supply permanently. 

Q. What is GEPCO doing, if the supply fails due to kites flying with metallic wire? 

To overcome , public support and awareness matter a lot. The GEPCO organizes walks, seminars and appeals through media and newspapers to overcome this issue. On the other hand, the problem is technically tackled by covering the Grid stations with Guard wires and nets. At the administrative level, the petrol teams of GEPCO nab the culprits and hand them over to the police for punishment.

Q. How to relocate the poles or Wires Hindering the street can be removed in GEPCO?

The consumer will put up an application to the concerned Executive Engineer Officer in your area. The concerned officer will prepare an estimated cost and report for the removal of the pole/wire from the street/house . Customers have to pay that cost for the relocation of poles/wires.

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