IESCO Bill Online 2024 is a free website to check your Iesco bill online. Find your 14-digit reference number from your old electricity bill, and enter it in the search box by pressing the search button. You will see your current month’s bill amount and due date.

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The Islamabad Electric Supply Company was formed in 1998. The purpose was to transfer the functionality, assets, and responsibility of the Islamabad Electricity Board from the WAPDA division.  However, the main functionality of IESCO is to supply uninterruptible electricity to more than 3.2 million consumers directly within the area from Attock to Jhelum. Islamabad Electric Supply Company offers its services in 6 districts with more than 25 million people

IESCO bill Online in three easy steps:

It’s straightforward to check your IESCO bill online. You must know the reference number, 14 digits printed on your old bill. The first two digits from (14) of your reference number indicate your Batch number, the next four digits represent your subdivision, and the remaining seven indicate your account number assigned to the electric company. To check your IESCO Online bill, you will need to enter your 14-digit reference number. You can check the Reference Number in the following way from your electricity bill.

  1.  After finding your reference number, do put it in the field. (Note. Reference no must be without any space) 
  2.  Press the “Print Bill “button (A copy of the MEPCO bill will come up for you) 
  3. If you want to print it, enter the print button or press Crt+P.

Islamabad Electric Supply Company Bill Online Reference Number

IESCO Mission, Vision, and Commitment :

Iesco’s mission is to supply uninterrupted electricity to its customers. This mission enables trade, industry, education, and commerce to enhance the lives of their consumers. Islamabad Electric Company has a mission to be the most efficient public utility in Pakistan. They have a mission to be the lowest line losses distributor and generate profits for their stakeholders.

Islamabad Electric Supply Company’s vision is to provide sustainable principles, leadership, development, and alternative sources to minimize environmental impact. IESCO, while promoting a sustainable culture, is also committed to creating and ensuring continuous performance improvements.

The electric supply company also commits to ensuring and offering health and well-being to its staff. However, IESCO also put together a comprehensive package, including employee assistance in health for itself and its families, a stress management policy, financial risk protection, and a rolling program of well-being lifestyle events.

New Connection in ISECO: Committed to Excellence

To apply for a new connection in Iseco’s jurisdiction. A prescribed Form “Application & Agreement ” (A & A ) is required. 

    • Step 1 :

      • Get Five Copies of the “Application & Agreement” Form along with Condensed Terms & conditions, from the office of the : 
        • Sub-Divisional Office 
        • Customer Care Office 
        • Via Download  
    • Step 2 :

      • Fill up Five copies (A, B, C, D & E ) and Submit them along with the below-supporting documents : 
        • Ownership proof of Property/ Land (Registry/Deed Copy).
        • Recent Paid the Electricity bill of the neighbour (Where the new connection to installed )
        • Test report of Wiring other than Domestic.
        • An Affidavit that no prior meter was installed on the premise location.
        • Photocopy of owner’s National Identity Card (CNIC Copy)
        • Photocopy of witness National Identity Card (CNIC Copy)
        • No Objection Certificate from the landlord, if the applicant is a tenant to the landlord.
    • Step 3 :

      • While applying get the App Number/Reference Number.
      • And within 15 day’s get a demand Notice from the Subdivision office.
      • Please deposit the Demand Notice Fee in the bank branch.
      • Don’t forget to deposit the Demand Notice within the due date.
      • And within the next 15 days, the meter will be installed.
    • Step 4:

      • The tentative time limit for a new connection in Islamabad Electric Supply Company is as. 
        Process Urban Rural
        Registration of Application 1 Day 1 Day
        Feasibility Survey 4 Day’s 7 Day’s
        Preparation & Approval of Estimation 7 Day’s 7 Day’s
        Issuance of Demand Notice 3 Day’s 3 Day’s
        Verification of Test reports 4 Day’s 6 Day’s
        Order Connection 3 Day’s 3 Day’s
        Installation of Connection 5 Day’s 7 Day’s
        Note: The customer should intimate after-deposit demand notice.

IESCO Electricity Distribution Areas: 

According to a technical perspective, Islamabad Electric Supply Company includes 108 Grid Stations with a connected capacity of 5,224 MVA. Power distribution is facilitated through 951 Feeders including the region of AJK. The IESCO divides the areas under its jurisdiction into divisions and further subdivides as follows :   

Main Division Sub-Divisions
ISB Division 1 Rawalpindi Circle Taxila 
ISB Division 2 Rawat Division Gujar Khan 
Barakahu Division Satellite Town  Chakwal 
Attock Circle Jhelum Circle AJK Circle

IESCO instalment plan for Heavily Bill:

According to the Islamabad Electric Supply Company Act 1910-A.The instalments are permitted exclusively for liabilities, rather than the entire running bill. As per Iesco’s aim to provide uninterruptible service to customers, the power of instalments is exercised only in genuine cases. In which the customer shouldn’t have defaulted in the last six bill payments. A written undertaking also be taken from the customer that he will pay the instalment plan according to the given statements and will not demand further payment relaxation. Interest is also charged on the instalments at the prevailing bank rates.  

Instalment Dues Competent Authority Instalment Plan
Rs 2,000/= SDO 3 equal Installment
Rs 10,000/= XEN  Not > 3 equal instalments 
Rs 100,000/= SE Not > 4 equal instalments

Tips to reduce IESCO Electricity Bill:

It’s very difficult for a normal user to reduce their electricity bill without knowing about the consumption of appliances in a home. Therefore, for a comfortable life, it becomes necessary to assume a lifestyle accordingly. Internationally and especially in Pakistan,  the price of every necessity of life is growing up miserably, and electricity charges are one of them. It becomes important for all of us to utilize electricity wisely to diminish bills to compete with inflation.

To continuously decrease your electricity expenses, it is essential to be aware of and manage the usage of all the appliances in your home.

  • Switch OFF all the unusable appliances, especially Mobile and Laptop chargers etc.
  • Use maximum daylight to lighten and ventilate rooms rather than Fan/A.C. 
  • Try to minimize the use of A.C. and other appliances at Peak Times of Electricity.
  • Especially in summer install inverter A.C for energy-saving purposes.
  • Try to install Solar System to control Electricity expenses, Net Metering is one of the best options to manage overall electricity bills.

IESCO Customer Facilitation and Services:

Islamabad Electric supply company aims to provide trustworthy electricity services to their customers. Which means incorporating customer-centric features and facilitation to enhance the overall customer experience. The facilities are : 

  • Keep consumers updated about the scheduled maintenance through SMS alerts, and their website. This helps consumers to plan accordingly.
  • Correction in electricity bills up to 500 Units.
  • Issuance and Set aside of instalment plan upto Rs 25,000/=
  • Restoration of the Power supply.
  • Waive OFF LP Surchages upto Rs 1000/=
  • Issuance of Duplicate Bill.
  • Issuance of New Connection form for customers.

The customers of Iesco can contact via Phone, Fax, or Email for any assistance or any other query. 

Phone # 051-9252938, 9252937,9252939 
Fax  051-9252927 
HelpLine 118
Email Address [email protected]


Q. How to Check IESCO Bill Online?

To check your IESCO (Islamabad Electric Supply Company) bill online, open a web browser and go to Enter the required information. Click on the “Search” button to retrieve your bill information. If you encounter any difficulties, contact IESCO’s customer service helpline for assistance.

Q. How can I expel arrears in my Bill?

If arrears have been included in the bill due to some technical errors. You can correct it from the sub-division/customer care office after showing previously paid bank slips.

Q.  I haven’t received my ISECO Bill?

Dear Customer,  Duplicate ISECO bills can be checked and printed as well. If you are frequently unable to get your electricity bill then contact the customer care centre.

Q. How do I check my Iesco electricity bill using my CNIC number?

You can only check your current Iesco electricity bill using your reference number. If you can not review the electricity bill, Connect us

Q. How can I get my connection to a new place?

Dear customer, shifting of connection to a new place should be according to some rules and procedures. More detail can be get from the concerned Office of Islamabad Electric Supply Company.

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