SEPCO Bill Online

Sukkur Electric Power Company offers to generate electric bills for its customers. The SEPCO Online Bill is a digital version of the traditional paper that customers receive in the mail. It contains all the details of the customer’s electricity consumption, including the payable amount used, the due date, etc.

Search Your Electricity Bill


To generate a SEPCO Bill, Enter below the 14-digit reference number printed on their electricity bill. The Bill information will then be displayed the payable amount, Due date, and option to print for future reference. This system is not only convenient but also user-friendly, as it helps to reduce paper usage.

14-Digit Reference Number -:A Guide to Understanding and Searching

The first two digits from (14) of your reference number indicate your Batch number, the next four digits represent your subdivision, and the remaining seven indicate your account number assigned the electric company. To check your FESCO Online bill, you will need to enter your 14-digit reference number. You can check the 14 digits Reference Number in the following way from your electricity bill 
  • Look at the “top-right” or “bottom-left“ corner of your electricity bill. You should see the word “Bill Reference No.” followed by a 14-digit number.
  • Some bills may have the reference number printed at the bottom if you need help locating the reference number. Check the bottom of the bill and other important details, such as the due date and bill amount.
  •  After finding your reference number, do put it in the field. (Note. Reference no must be without any space) 
  •  Press the “Search Bill “button .
  • If you want to print it, enter the print button or press Crt+P.

Sukkur Electric Power Company Online Bill

Jurisdiction of SEPCO :

Sukkur Electric Power Company was formed by sub-dividing of HESCO as the areas of operation and distribution that were entirely under the jurisdiction of HESCO. The company started functioning with effect from 16.08.2010 under the companies’ ordinance. NEPRA has allotted Registration No to SEPCO and published it in newspapers for their consumers. The main Three areas of SEPCO namely :


SEPCO serves as the provider of power distribution services across 10 districts within the Sindh province. It operates through four circles, consisting of three operational circles and one GSO (General Services Operations) circles. SEPCO ensures a seamless supply of electricity over an extensive area spanning 56,300 square kilometers, serving a customer base of 690,472.

Commitment and Objective of SEPCO : 

Sukkur Electric Power Company  is committed to reliable and uninterruptible power supply to its customers. The company contributes an important role in the overall economic development.

The Sukkur Electric Power Company ensures the effective power generation, transmission, and distribution systems for customers. Furthermore, the company aims to optimize operational performance, environmental sustainability, and settle down customer services as well.

Commitment and Services of SEPCO :Empowering Reliable Power Supply

The Sukkur Electric Supply Company (SEPCO) Online Bill offers lots of services, including:

Online bill payment:

Customers can conveniently pay their electricity bills online through the company’s official website or mobile application.

New connection requests:

Customers can apply online for new electricity connections, streamlining the process and reducing paperwork.

Complaint registration:

Customers can register complaints regarding power outages, faulty meters, or billing issues through the company’s online platform.

Meter readings:

The company provides online access to meter readings, allowing customers to monitor their electricity consumption.

Load calculations:

The company offers online load calculation tools to help customers to estimate their electricity requirements for new connections.

Customer support:

Online customer support is available to address queries, provide assistance, and resolve customer issues.

Helpline and Complaint Numbers for Assistance:

Sukkur Electric Supply Company has implemented an online complaints service along with a dedicated cell to address consumer issues promptly. Moreover, Customers have the option to register their complaints regarding various matters such as overbilling, power theft, bill corrections, power supply problems. Additionally, complaints can be registered through the mentioned below helpline numbers.

Helpline  118 , +92 71- 9310795 , 9310921
Head Office Address  Thermal Power Station Old Sukkur , Sukkur