Difference Between Net Metering Vs Gross Metering

The generation of electricity is much easier as compared to the past. Drastic price increases in electricity allowed consumers to install solar systems on the rooftop. Net Metering vs Gross Metering systems are connected with the main Grid so that surplus can be exported to the Grid and deficit can be imported from the Grid. Two kinds of agreements made between consumer and government which are – Net Metering vs Gross metering.

Net Metering : 

In this kind of metering, the consumer export of electricity is adjusted against their import. In this way, the electricity produced is deducted from the electricity consumed over a fixed period. This adjustment can be done either every month or on an annual basis. However, a “Bidirectional Net Meter” calculates both the import and export of power.

Net Metering

Gross Metering : 

In this metering, the electricity consumer is compensated with a fixed “feed-in-tariff” rate. This fixed rate applies to the total units of energy generated and exported to the grid. This total export of energy can be calculated using a meter known as a “Gross Meter”.

Gross Metering

Significance and Influence :

With the increase in awareness and easy accessibility of solar panels. The consumers of electricity are adopting more rooftop systems for their use. In this context, some of the major companies discourage the usage of solar systems due to their financial loss. These companies are trying to convince consumers to use Gross metering as compared to Net metering. However, the electricity consumers should understand the benefit and impact before choosing the option of Net metering or Gross metering for rooftop solar systems.

Which one should you consider ? 

As per the above detail, there are different solar systems of metering. It’s all about your requirements and convenience as needed. In both systems either its Net metering or Gross metering the consumer needs an agreement with the electric distributor company. 

The decision depends on the usage of power. As it is a long-term investment, it may be considered a long-term asset. In the future, the consumer can get financial benefits with the help of this system.


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