Check MEPCO Bill Online 2024

Multan Electric Power Company still hasn’t sent your recent bill. We have a simple online portal for your help to re-generate a copy of your electricity consumption at no cost. You can check and print the latest MEPCO Bill Online. In detail, you can check the payable amount, due date, previous reading, current reading, and units consumed in a prescribed period. As a result of the search, the option of “Print Bill” will appear for printing and payment of charges.

Search Your Electricity Bill


Multan Electric Power Company is the biggest distribution company within PEPCO. Its operational jurisdiction includes 13 districts within south Punjab. MEPCO is the main distributor that covers three provinces as well as five small distribution companies in Pakistan . These small distributors are PESCO (KPK), HESCO (Sindh) , FESCO  (Faisalabad), QESCO (Balochistan) and IESCO at Islamabad. The main distributor also crossed the frontier border with India in Minchinabad and Bahawalnager.

Check Mepco bill Online for 2024 in three easy steps:

The first two digits from (14) of your reference number indicate your Batch number, the next four digits represent your subdivision, and the remaining seven indicate your account number assigned the electric company. To check your FESCO Online bill, you will need to enter your 14-digit reference number. You can check the Reference Number in the following way from your electricity bill.

  1.  After finding your reference number, do put it in the field. (Note. Reference no must be without any space) 
  2.  Press the “Print Bill “button (A copy of the MEPCO bill will come up for you) 
  3. If you want to print it, enter the print button or press Crt+P.

Mepco Bill Reference Number

Mepco New Connection Form: Streamlining the Application Process:

MEPCO online application is now available to apply for a new connection in 2023. To apply for the new connection, customers need to understand their requirements and upload scanned copies of the following documents:

  • Visit the Official MEPCO website and complete the online form for a new connection or download it .
  • The Company demands the submission of a copy of the Deed as proof of land ownership at the installation site.
  • The undertaking from the applicant identity.
  • A power of attorney (In case of more than one owner )
  • No Objection Certificate. (In case of rented property)
  • An attested copy of the consumer CNIC issued by NADRA (Both from the Front & Back end)
  • Two certified copies of the witness card for identification.
  • The customer has signed a copy of the tariff.
  • Send the application and related document to the concerned MEPCO office for further process of connection installation.
  • The document’s verification process will take time; after verification, a demand notice will be issued for the payment in the designated bank.
  • After payment in the designated bank (paid challan), please return it to the office where you received the demand notice.
  • Check the Demand Notice for Electricity’s new connection.
  • After verifying the payment, Company will install a new connection on-site.

MEPCO Electricity Distribution Areas:

Administratively, MEPCO is also responsible for providing smooth services ( Supply and maintenance) in below mentioned districts of Punjab province.

Multan Bahawalpur  Bahawalnager
Sahiwal Khanewal D.G.Khan
Muzaffargarh Vehari Pakpattan
Rahim Yar Khan Layyah Lodhran

MEPCO plans to invest in creating the necessary resources to improve the distribution of networks for the fulfilment of the charter.

Enhancing Customer Services:

  • At headquarters, the Ministry of Complaints was established to dispose of customer complaints and services within a time frame.
  • Ensuring meter reading and billing accuracy using advanced technology HHUs (Hand Held Units).
  • With accuracy and Timely, bills are issued to the customers via an advanced ORACLE-based billing model (CIS).
  • Online payment portal and Duplicate billing facility for customers. 
  • Updating about the load shedding in areas is also conveyed via the official Website.
  • 12 Months’ billing history appeared on electricity bills for user convenience.
  • Online portal for complaints of electricity theft.

MEPCO online bill payments via an app and multiple bank options:

Multan Electric Supply Company has launched an Android app for their billing system. The application is available on the Google Play Store, which enables users to access their bills without creating an account. With its user-friendly and intuitive interface, the application simplifies bill management for consumers. 

The following steps are involved in the Online Bill payment of different electricity companies.

  1. Log In: consumers can visit the online website of the electricity provider company or the app of your bill payment service provider. If consumers don’t have an account, they must sign up by providing necessary personal and payment information.
  2. Add Biller: Once you’re logged in, add your biller (the company for which you’re paying). You’ll need to provide details such as Ref number or Consumer ID.
  3. Select Bill to Pay: Choose the specific bill you want to pay from your list if more than one bill is added.
  4. Payment Amount: The system might also display the due amount if the due date has yet to pass.
  5. Payment Method Selection: Consumers can select their preferred payment method. That method could be a linked bank account or Debit/Credit card.
  6. Review Payment Details: Before confirmation of bill payment, carefully review the details to ensure accuracy, including the payment amount, biller information, and payment method.
  7. Security Check: Most online Bill payment apps like UBL, HBL, ABL, etc, will require an additional security step, which is a one-time password (OTP) sent on the registered mobile number of the consumer for verification.
  8. Confirm Payment: Once the consumer has verified all the details, the confirm button appears, and the payment process is completed. Consumers will receive a confirmation message or email once the payment is processed successfully.

MEPCO Objective and Mission Statements:

Objectives -:

The most important details in this text are the requirements for maintaining, growing, and extending a cost-effective and efficient distribution infrastructure, fulfilling the defined NEPRA performance criteria for voltage and frequency changes, tripping, breakdown, line loss, etc., providing open access for all users, automating and digitizing the business, leading a significant cultural shift, improving the level of service, decreasing theft while enhancing corporate success, updating following client requests, setting tariffs above the cost of delivery, improving staff’s professionalism and morale, and establishing tariffs above the cost of delivery.

Mission -:

We aim to offer a comprehensive power distribution system that develops with our clients. The company prioritize the security and happiness of our valuable workers and remains dedicated to our communities. We uphold our standards, principles, and ethics.

Vision -:

  • As a public service agency, I achieve and uphold high efficiency, dependability, and responsiveness for numerous clients.
  • Our first concern will be ensuring the general public’s and corporate personnel’s safety.
  • Maintaining and growing your business, team, and clientele will be crucial.
  • Building contemporary business partnerships inside and outside our local distributor will be crucial to our success.

Check Taxes in Mepco bill Online 2024:

Here is the detail of taxes in Mepco bills

FPA Surcharge :

FPA stands for Fuel Price Adjustment and is one of the taxes on electricity bills charged by consumers. It is calculated based on the difference between actual fuel and benchmark costs (Reference). If the actual cost is higher, FPA is added to the electricity bill; if it is lower, credits are received. Taxes on electricity bills in Pakistan are increasing due to an increment in FPA and can be downloaded from a MEPCO Bill.

TRS  Surcharge :

TRS, Transmission, and Distribution Surcharge is an implementation fee for certain areas to upgrade and modernize the distribution and transmission infrastructure. The value of taxes on electricity bills varies depending on the region and investment needed.

FCS Surcharge :

Finance Cost Surcharge is a tax on mepco electricity bills to build new infrastructure and projects. Customers can pay taxes and other dues through online billing methods as they vary depending on the region and demand.

Deferred Amount :

The deferred amount is a fine imposed on the consumer if their electricity bill is not paid within the due date. It is usually referred to as a late fee and must be paid within the due date and time to avoid additional charges of taxes.

Mepco peak and off-peak hours:

Peak hours are times when the cost of electricity is higher than usual. To reduce electricity usage, turn off any extra lights, don’t use the air conditioner, and set your thermostat to 26 Celsius or less accordingly . Consider purchasing inverter appliances such as invertor refrigerators and air conditioners to reduce your electricity bill. Extensive daily usage has proven that these devices can virtually reduce energy consumption.

From April to October 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM
From November to March 5 PM to 9 PM

Track Demand Notice Application

Change of Name / Tariff / Load

Regional Complaint Centers : Addressing Your Complaints Locally: 

  • Multan region Center: 061- 9220198 
  • Muzaffargarh region Center: 066-9200351 
  • Bahawalnagar region Center: 063-9239031 
  • Bahawalpur region Center: 062-9250102 
  • Sahiwal region Center: 040-9200305 
  • Lodhran region Center: 063-9239031 
  • Dera Ghazi Khan region Center: 064-9239229 
  • Rahim Yar Khan region Center: 068-9230160 
  • Pakpattan region Center: 0457-371698 
  • Layyah region Center: 0606-414071 
  • Khanewal region Center: 061-9220244 
  • Vehari region Center: 067-3360282 
  • Rajanpur region Center: 0604-920200 

MEPCO’s Toll-Free Number for complaint registration against electricity theft on 0800-63726.


Q. How do I check my MEPCO bill amount and consumed Units?

To Check the MEPCO bill Online 2023 bill (Multan Electric Power Company) bill status, visit . Enter a 14-digit valid reference number on the bill inquiry page and Click the “Submit” or “Check Bill” button to proceed. The page should display your MEPCO bill Reference Number, Payable Amount, due date, and other relevant details. If you have questions or concerns, contact MEPCO’s customer support helpline or visit their nearest customer service center.

Q. What is detection bill in MECPCO?

A detection bill is issued for illegal energy consumption, direct hooking, and slowness. The detection bill for the dishonest abstraction of electricity is assessed according to Section 26-A of the Electricity Act 1910. Due to the slowness, charging persists until the meter is replaced. The period and amount of energy supplied to the consumer are determined/assessed based on meter testing equipment results, consumption patterns, sanctioned loads, or other criteria. for the connection. If a discrepancy or reservation is found, please report it to the concerned officer.

Q. How do I check my MEPCO bill status?

To determine if your MEPCO (Multan Electric Power Company) bill has been paid, you can follow these steps: Check your payment method: if you made the payment online through MEPCO’s official website or a third-party payment platform, you should receive a confirmation email or a transaction receipt. You can check your bank statement or transaction history if you paid your bill through a bank. Check your transaction history within the respective app for payments made via mobile wallets. MEPCO’s customer service appropriate contact if you are still seeking payment confirmation. Check MEPCO’s online portal or customer self-service system, where you can log in with your consumer number or account details. Remember to keep any payment receipts or transaction IDs for future reference.

Q. How to resolve MEPCO low voltage issue in our area?

Do contact your Local office of XEN/SDO to resolve issues. If necessary, they will refer to MEPCO Headquarters for further assistance with that issue.

Q. How can I check my MEPCO bill by meter number?

Send an SMS to 46040 with STMT and meter number to receive the latest MEPCO bill amount and payment status.