SNGPL Online Bill Check

We have a simple SNGPL Online Bill Check portal for your help to re-generate a copy of your Sui Gas bills at no cost. Enter your Account ID below to access your most recent Sui Northern Gas consumption bill. Customers can download or print a copy of the Gas Bill for future reference or payment at designated banks.

Search Your SNGPL Bill Online

Consumers can access the latest SNGPL Online bills Check from the portal . Various reasons exist for retrieving the current bill, including situations where the bill is lost, a duplicate copy is needed for payment, or the bill amount needs to be checked during a transaction while away from home. Follow these straightforward instructions to get your duplicate bills.

Steps for obtaining Sui Gas bills : 

  • First, visit the Online site and click on the required company Bill option. 
  • Enter the Consumer number as per required.
  • After that, Press Enter on “Search Bill” and then wait for the transaction to be completed.
  • In the Success response, you will see short information about the bill with the “Print Bill” button to get complete details of the bill.

SNGPL Bill Types :

Normal Bill : 

The utility company bases the billing on recording the actual meter reading. They install the meter and make calculations according to the rates provided by the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) for all types of consumers. Commercial consumers have their gas consumption volume adjusted with a pressure factor. Moreover, Industrial/Bulk supply consumers have their gas consumption volume adjusted with pressure, temperature, and super compressibility factors.

Estimated Bill : 

When the below-mentioned factors prevent recording the actual meter reading, the utility company issues an estimated bill to the consumer. The factors are : 

  • Due to Water or Mud rain inside the meter.
  • Dust and bushes covered the meter.
  • The meter installed above average height or position needs to be more approachable.
  • The premises lock the meter inside.

The consumption determines the basis for the estimated bill of the preceding year’s corresponding period. This type of bill is adjusted in the next regular bill when the actual meter reading is available.

Minimum Bill : 

The minimum bill is issued in cases where the consumption is either nil/zero or falls below the prescribed consumption limit. The limit is notified by the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) for all consumer categories. OGRA announces the minimum charges for certain types as well.

SNGPL Connection Types : 

Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) offers different types of gas connections. The type of connection depends on the needs of residential, commercial, and industrial customers. Connection types offered by SNGPL:

  1. Domestic Connection: This type of connection is used by consumers for residential houses, apartments, and complexes. Domestic connections are typically for cooking and heating purposes.
  2. Commercial Connection: Commercial connections are used for commercial purposes such as offices, shops, restaurants, hotels, and other businesses. These connections require higher gas load as compared to Domestic connections.
  3. Industrial Connection: Industrial connections are used for industrial units and factories. These connections require a large natural gas supply for their operations and processes. 
  4. CNG Station Connection: SNGPL also provides connections for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) stations. These connections are specifically for businesses operating CNG filling stations to supply natural gas as fuel for vehicles.
  5. Housing Societies Supply Connection: Bulk supply connections are for large consumers such as housing societies, educational institutions, hospitals etc. These connections involve high-pressure pipelines to meet the higher demand.

Procedure for Obtaining a New Sui Gas Connection :


About Sui Gas : 

In Pakistan, Sui gas (SNGPL) refers to natural gas supplied by the Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC). SSGC is one of Pakistan’s two leading gas distribution companies, SSGC and SNGC. It became a public limited company in January 1964 under the Companies Act 1913, The SSGC’s core responsibility is the transmission and distribution of natural gas, including Sindh and Balochistan provinces.

In the late 1950s, the gas field was discovered in Sui Balochistan province and became certified against ISO 14001:2015. Sui gas (SNGPL) gets its name from the Sui gas field and becomes one of the largest companies of Pakistan that serve more than 7.22 million consumers in North Central Pakistan including Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Azad Jammu & Kashmir . It has been an influential source of natural gas for the country.

SNGPL Registration Number: CUIN-0043761

National Tax Number(NTN): 0801137-7

General Sales Tax Number(GST): 03-91-9999-967-19

Role of Sui Gas : 

Sui gas plays a vital role in meeting Pakistan’s energy needs as natural gas. SNGPL recognize natural gas as one of the most environmentally friendly energy sources. Especially during a transaction, natural gas stands out due to its lower emissions compared to other fossil fuels. This makes it an environmentally friendly choice during the transaction process. Furthermore , Due to its clean combustion properties, natural gas has recently become the preferred fuel for residential, domestic, commercial, and industrial purposes. People use natural gas for cooking, heating, power generation, and as a fuel for various industries. The SSGC operates an extensive pipeline network to distribute natural gas to different areas within its jurisdiction. 

Vision, Mission and Objectives of SNGPL : 

SNGPL’s vision is to become the region’s foremost integrated natural gas provider. We focus on enhancing the quality of life for our customers and maximizing benefits for our stakeholders. Sui Northern Gas Company has the vision to deliver continuous and environmentally friendly energy.

SNGPL’s mission is to deliver natural gas to all doorsteps within the jurisdictional area—the mission is to continue expanding our network with technological, human and organizational resources.

SNGPL’s objectives are :

  • Enhancement of System Capacity.
  • Expansion and Rehabilitation of Transmission and Distribution Network.
  • Increase in Gas Sales and Profitability.
  • Reduction in Unaccounted for Gas Losses.
  • Improvement in Consumer Services by adopting Information Technology.
  • Pursue Pipelines Construction and Advisory Business.