How To Check Electricity Bill Paid Or Not

Everyone in Pakistan should check that their electricity bill is paid to avoid extra charges. If you don’t pay on time, you’ll incur late fees based on your bill amount.That extra amount will be significant, especially for higher bills. In such cases, consumers won’t be able to pay their electricity bills.

How ToCheck Electricity Bill Due Date: Electricity Bill Examining:- 

You’ll notice a due date at the top when examining your bill. That date is the final day for paying your WAPDA bill. It’s essential to make the payment before midnight on that date. In that case, consumers won’t be able to pay their electricity bills. Preferably make payments by 5 PM if using a bank or mobile shop. It is strongly advised to make timely payments to avoid any issues with electricity disconnection.The due date for the bill changes based on the distribution area. Each company sets a different deadline for various regions. For the Mepco region, the date is different for each feeder.

Usually, consumers get their electricity bill about a week before its due date. However, consumers have a whole week to prepare the payment and pay their bills. In your bill, there are two due dates and charges. The first is the amount for on-time payment, reflecting the actual electricity usage. The second is the amount for late payment if the due date has passed.

How to Check whether the Electricity Bill is Paid or Not : 

So far, you understand that paying bills on time is crucial to avoid incurring extra fees. Now, let’s delve into the various ways you can check if your bill has been paid.  Now, let’s explore how you can check whether you have paid your bill. There are various ways to do this from home. Some use mobile apps, online banking, Jazz Cash, or check the relevant supply company website. 

Check Electricity Bill Paid Or Not

1) Check via Banking Channel : 

If you’re using a banking mobile app, you can both pay and check the status of your bill. If the bill has been paid, the status will display as “Paid“.In that case, consumers won’t be able to pay their electricity bills, leading to potential issues.

  1. Login on your app and click on “Bills & Topup“.
  2. Tab on Bill and select the electricity supplier company.
  3. After entering the Ref No, the amount will be shown as “Paid” or “Pay” after entering the Ref No.
  4. To confirm the payment, click on it, and it will display the message “Bill has Already been Paid

2) Check via JazzCash and Easypaisa: 

Consumers can check their Mepco Bill Online payment status and pay other utility bills using JazzCash and Easypaisa apps.

  1. Download and install an online application of JazzCash and Easypaisa.
  2. Navigate to the “Bill Payment” option in the menu.
  3. Select “Electric Bills” from the billing menu.
  4. Choose the electric distribution company from the given list.
  5. Enter the reference number, and after verification of payment, click on pay.
  6. If you’ve already paid, it will display a message confirming your bill is already “Paid“.

To sum up, consumers have various options to check their MEPCO bill, including in-person and online methods.

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