Electricity Bill

Definition of Electricity :

Electricity is measured in the form of Watts to honor the steam engine inventor, “James Watt”; Moreover, a Watt is a unit of Electricity equal to 1 Amp x 1 Volt = 1 Watt. Furthermore, Power plants produce the generation of electricity in the form of energy and then convert it into electrical energy. High-voltage lines transport this electrical energy to homes, commercial use, and other facilities. This consumption generates an Electricity Bill for consumers.

During the billing period in which consumers are consuming electricity, the utility company issues electricity bills to all. The generated bill will typically display the amount of electricity consumed, including the cost of electricity (measured in Watts/kWh) and additional charges such as taxes and regulatory fees. Electricity generation capacity is measured in Kilowatts (KW), Megawatts (MW), and Gigawatts (GW).

Reading your Electricity bill :

Electricity bill companies Mepco, Fesco, and Isceo operate under Wapda to measure the consumption of Electricity. The electric meter measures the amount of electricity that is consumed  in a household or business , and this information further used to calculate the total cost of electricity over a billing period. In the past, employees had to read electricity usage manually.

However , Mechanized device readers known as Automated Meter Reading (AMR) systems, are a technology used by utility companies to remotely collect consumption data from electricity meters installed on customers’ properties. After all , AMR systems use wireless communication technology to send real-time meter readings to the utility companies for further process of electricity consumption. Smart meters can also provide the competency to control individual devices remotely. Smart meters are capable of two-way communication, which allows them to receive and transmit data.

Managing Your Electricity Bill Payments :

Timely and Convenient payment of Electricity bills just got easier. Standing in long is no more hassle . Mepco Bill has introduced an Online Bill Checking Portal, an easy and fast online method. furthermore, you can check your monthly electricity bills from your home at the most comforts.

Of utmost importance, we are keeping your safety and comfort in mind if Electricity comes. Here Mepco Bill has been striving to expand its spectrum of digital services. You can view and Print your bill on our Online Portal by entering the 14-digit Reference Number as shown below.

Electricity Bill Check

Factors that Affect Electricity Bills :

    A. Climate :-

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Wind

   B. Usage :-

  • Appliances
  • Lighting
  • Heating/Cooling

Ways to Reduce Electricity Bill :

    A. Improve Home Efficiency :-

  • Upgrade installation.
  • Install energy-saving appliances.
  • Install programmable thermostat to control electricity.

    B. Change Habits :-

  • Unplug unused appliances.
  • On the other hand, turn off the lights when not in use.
  • Wash dishes and clothes with cold water.

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