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Most of the time, bills are received after the due date. If you can’t get your FESCO Bills on time? Then, you can check the latest FESCO bill Payable amount, Due date, and consumed units. Enter the 14-digit reference number, and you will get your latest bill details with an option to print.

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Check Fesco Online Bill by Reference Number:

14-Digit Reference Number – A Guide to Understanding and Searching

The first two digits from (14 digits) of your reference number indicate your Batch number, the following four digits represent your subdivision, and the remaining seven digits indicate your account number assigned by FESCO. To check your FESCO Online bill, you will need to enter your 14-digit reference number. You can check the Reference Number  (14 digits)  in the following way for your electricity bill.
  • Look at the “top-right” or “bottom-left“ corner of your FESCO bill. You should see the word “Bill Reference No.” followed by a 14-digit number. This is your Fesco bill reference number for the electricity bill.
  • Some bills may have the reference number printed at the bottom in case you are still unable to locate the reference number. Check the bottom of the bill, along with other important details such as the due date and bill amount.

Faisalabad Electric Supply Company Online Bill Reference Number

History, Vision, and Mission of FESCO:

History :

Fesco was established under the NEPRA Act of 1997. The main functionality of Fesco is the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity to around 5 million consumers. Moreover, Fesco Service Territory includes Faisalabad (Manchester of Pakistan) and its textile industries, Sargodha, Khushab, Jhang, Bhakkar, Mianwali, and Chiniot districts.

Vision :

Fesco has the vision to provide, safe, affordable and uninterruptible electricity to their household consumers and industrial estate. This inspiration will alleviate the poverty in the jurisdiction of Fesco.


Above all, Faisalabad Electric Supply Company has a goal to reinvigorate the company and enhance its capabilities, with a focus on delivering high-quality service to its end-user consumers.

FESCO Electricity Distribution Areas:

The  jurisdiction of  power supply and distribution of electricity  under the  Faisalabad Electricity Company are :

Faisalabad Sargodha Mianwali 
Khushab Jhang Bhakkar
Toba Tek Singh Chiniot

Consumers can check and print the latest FESCO electricity payable amount, due date and billing month for the above-mentioned areas. The jurisdiction of an electricity company may vary due to many factors, such as Load Management, Regional structure by the higher authorities and the services offered to the consumers.

New connection in FESCO: 

For the installation of the new connection in the Faisalabad Electricity Supply Company, the customer should follow step by step guide: 

  1. The customer can get a form for the new connection from the nearest Sub-Division office of FESCO without paying any fee. 
  2. After filling out the Form the customer should submit that Form to the office of Sub-Divion.
  3. After verification of the required document e.g. ID Card, Address, and Deed of land where the new connection is installed, the concerned officer will issue a receipt as an acknowledgement of having received the application form.
  4. The application for a new connection will be processed in the Subdivision to the central Division for further approval of documents.
  5. The team will visit the site where the connection installation is required.
  6. After completion of the entire document process, the team installed a new connection within one month.
  7. In case a new connection is not feasible due to any technical issue then the concerned customer is informed of the proper reason for the rejection of the application.
  8. A customer can apply Online for a new connection Or can download.
  9. Customers can check and track their applications.

Fesco Bill Calculation and Tariff Charges:

Calculation of Faisalabad Electric Supply Company bills manually becomes hectic for people. To calculate it , the steps are 

  • First of all, to get Wattage multiplied by the Number of Hours of usage. (Energy Saver Wattage x Used Hours Per day)( 20 x 4  = 80 )
  • Divide it by 1000 to get Kwh rate  = 80 / 1000 
  • Multiply that value KWh rate/unit  = 0.08 * 15.1  = 1.20
  • The resultant value will be the cost of Energy saver used per day.

Total Electricity Bill = Cost of Electricity + Meter Rent + Financing Cost (FC) + General Sale Tax (GST) + Fuel Price Adjustment (FPA) + Television Fee + Tarif Rationalization charges.

FESCO Tariff Charges -: The Required Amounts:

Domestic (A1) with Single Phase Tarif   Rs. 75/=
Commercial (A1) with Three-Phase Tarif  Rs. 150/=
Domestic (A2) with Single Phase Tarif Rs. 175/=
Commercial (A2) with Three-Phase Tarif Rs. 350/=

Fesco Bill payment -: Ease of Doing Business

Here is an online portal to check the Fesco bill payable amount, due date, and invoice for further payment. The Fesco bill includes the FPA (inclusion of fuel and gas changes used for power generation ), TRF (inclusion of NEPRA tariff rationalization surcharge), FC (Loan Cost.)Deferred Amount (an amount of bill that the customer chooses to pay later), and QTRF tariff (it’s an annual cost of the electricity which is reviewed every two weeks)taxes in the bill. Customers can pay FESCO bills through various methods.

  • Offline payment of Fesco :

Firstly, in offline payment, it is required to Print the bill invoices and pay in any e-salat, all banks, and designated post offices within the due date.

  • Online Payment of Fesco Bill:

       Online electricity portals allow you to check and pay charges in any online bank or via JazzCash etc. 

Activation Of E-Mail and SMS in FESCO: 

Fesco offers the services of email and SMS for their customers to improve their communication and convenient access to customer account information. To get an update about this service, visit the official Faislalabd Electric Supply website and register your email with a reference number. After all, your electricity bill will be emailed to you. 

Fesco also offers user-friendly and convenient SMS services to their customers. By using this service of FESCO, customers can get recent bill information on their registered Number via SMS. It’s a secure, reliable and easy-to-access option for receiving electricity bills.

Contact the FESCO customer helpline:

Landline # UAN # Fax #
+92 (41) 9220184 – 9220229 118 OR  UAN-80066554 +92 (41) 9220233


Q. What does FPA mean on my FESCO electric bill?

FPA, which stands for “Fuel Price Adjustment,” is an additional charge that is included in the FESCO bill when there are fluctuations in fuel prices.

Q. How do I change the name and address on my Fesco bill?

You can change your name and address by visiting the WAPDA office in your region with your documents, NIC card, and proof of property

Q. How a correction can be made in FESCO Bill?

Customers can report any incorrect reading or other technical issues to the relevant Revenue office/Sub-Division.

Q. How customer can Transfer a connection to another person’s name in the FESCO bill?

Customers should apply with an application change in the name of the connection to the concerned Sub-Divion office. The application should be duly filled with the required documents to substantiate justification for a change of name. After verification of the pre-request for a change of name, the connection changed to the new customer.

Q. How customer can disconnect the TV Fee from FESCO Bill?

To waive the OFF TV fee from the FESCO bill, the customer should get a prescribed Form from the Nearest FESCO office. After filling Form, attach a CNIC copy and submit that Form to the concerned office RO/AM(CS).

Q. How customer can initiate the conversion process of Tariff from Domestic to Commercial in the FESCO bill?

The customer should send an application with the below-mentioned documents attached to the concerned SDO office for a change of Tariff. The SDO office will make the change within Three to Five working days.

  • Duly signed copy of CNIC
  • The Most recently paid FESCO Electricity Bill
  • An Affidavit costs 20.00.