New Electricity Connection

To Get New Electricity Connection, the government of Pakistan has introduced a creditable initiative for the convenience of the public. WAPDA, PEPCO, and electricity distribution companies (DISCOs) have opened an online portal for acquiring domestic and industrial electricity connections. This Online platform has effectively streamlined the entire procedure. The MEPCO , FESCO , ISECO’s new … Read more

Components Of Electricity Bill

A helpful guide for comprehending the electricity bill: Carefully review your electricity Bill components either MEPCO, FESCO, or IESCO to ensure accuracy and error. The purpose is to understand how much energy is consumed. If any discrepancies or questions arise regarding its accuracy or consumption levels, reach out to customer service for clarification or resolution. … Read more

Electricity Safety Guide

Electricity safety prevents accidents, injuries, or any property damage. It embraces taking necessary precautions, following guidelines, and implementing Electricity safety guide measures to reduce the risks. Customers can reduce by knowing potential dangers, electrical shocks, fires, and other electrical accidents. Electrical Companies advice : Primarily, all electrical companies, especially MEPCO, FESCO , IESCO advised the … Read more

Tips for reducing Electricity Bill

Practical ways to low down your electricity and Gas bills used in homes save you money. As the temperature rises continuously in summer or Winter, every end user of electricity and Gas assumes to be the same. Tips for reducing electricity bill,  according to Global Warming situations, summer heats increases the usage of air conditioning … Read more

Net Metering

Net Metering (alternative energy-generation system ):– Understanding of Renewable Energy  Net Metering is a mechanism that credits solar energy to the National Grid. In other words, arrangements in which individuals and businesses connect their renewable energy system to the electrical Grid. The source of the renewable energy system may be either Solar, Wind or Hyderal … Read more