Electricity Safety Guide

Electricity safety prevents accidents, injuries, or any property damage. It embraces taking necessary precautions, following guidelines, and implementing Electricity safety guide measures to reduce the risks. Customers can reduce by knowing potential dangers, electrical shocks, fires, and other electrical accidents.

Electricity Safety Measures

Electrical Companies advice :

Primarily, all electrical companies, especially MEPCO, FESCO , IESCO advised the public to keep observing all safety measures against electricity. These dangers that may occurs during everyday situations or rains .

Electricity Safety Guide includes :

  • Before removing the plug from an electrical outlet, switch OFF the associated appliances. Carefully, the plug draws out correctly to avoid sudden jerks that may pull the wire.
  • Customers of electricity, especially Household ladies, should try not to use electric cables to hang clothes.
  • It must ensure to utilize appropriate plugs and switches for electrical devices consistently.
  • People should immediately inform the If any leakage/sparking of current in an electricity wire/pole seen falls on the ground to the nearest electricity complaint center. Children should avoid the wire/pole until the electricity safety team completes alternative measures.
  • To prevent possible fatal accidents or loss, it is important not to tie animals to electricity poles, particularly during Eid occasions.
  • It must ensure that individuals or animals stay explicit from the water where a live wire drowned until remedial actions.
  • Never use uncovered wires for any electricity supply. The joints in naked wires may cause electrical accidents, So immediately repaired/ replaced with new ones.
  • A bare wire captures a person in any electrical incident. Use a dry wooden rod to get him free. Otherwise, physical removal may cause another fatal accident with the person he is touching.
  • To avoid any electrical accident, refrain from touching any metallic wire, machine, etc., when your hands, clothes, or shoes are wet until the cables are removed.
  • An automatic voltage regulator or similar appliances that act as a delayed starter is recommended while using deep freezers, refrigerators, televisions, etc.
  • Our law strongly prohibits kite flying, and is also a danger to humanity. It shouldn’t be allowed to fly as a wet kite may cause fatal electrocution when it falls on a wire/transformer; this could cause short circuits and suspensions to several consumers in that area. So, the metallic and chemical string should not be allowed for kite flying as it creates a severe danger to life and electricity installation.

Electricity conservation : 

On the Other hand, conservation refers to reducing energy consumption. To minimize environmental impact and wastage, use electricity efficiently. It involves adopting various measures such as turning off lights, using energy-efficient appliances and lighting. This  optimizing heating and cooling systems, and employing innovative energy management practices for a more sustainable future.

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