New Electricity Connection

To Get New Electricity Connection, the government of Pakistan has introduced a creditable initiative for the convenience of the public. WAPDA, PEPCO, and electricity distribution companies (DISCOs) have opened an online portal for acquiring domestic and industrial electricity connections. This Online platform has effectively streamlined the entire procedure.

The MEPCO , FESCO , ISECO’s new electricity connection process ensures the installation on the specified date and directions of the regulatory authority. The process typically takes around 30 days for domestic connections, while arranging the industrial link usually takes approximately 70 days.

Step By Step Guide For New Connection: 

Visit the official website for a new electricity connection. Click on the “Apply” option to begin the application process. 

Subdivision Information: 

Fill up the form by selecting the Division, Subdivision, Category type, and reference number of your neighbor (If they install the connection over there) as shown below in the image : 

Electricity New Connection

Connection Type: 

Once the initial step has been completed, the system will show up next screen for selecting the connection type. If the customer is applying for a House connection, then the choice of “Domestic” is made. Otherwise, the customer will select accordingly.

Applicant Particulars : 

An online application refers to the personal information of the individual applying for a new electricity connection. In this portion, customers will put all applicant details like Name, Father Name, CNIC, Address, and Mobile Number for further communication. Customers should have to provide all the correct information. The visit/survey team will utilize this information for the approval or rejection of the application. Customers also require to enter the correct Email address to get an update about demand Notice/Error/Rejection. 

Premises Detail : 

This portion refers to the specific information related to the location or property where a new electricity connection service is being conducted or requested. Above all, It typically includes details such as the address, type of premises (residential, commercial, industrial, etc.), and No of already installed connections on the property. Providing accurate premises details helps the survey team approve of requested Load capacity.

Attachment of Documents: 

This portion refers to the process of attachments of additional supporting documents along with a particular application. These documents are typically proof to support the requirements. The attachment of documents helps in providing a comprehensive and complete picture, ensuring that all necessary information is provided and considered during the evaluation or processing of the given application. The document is: 

  • Copy of Property Document/ Registry Copy. 
  • Attested Copy of Applicant CNIC.
  • Attested Copy of Witness CNIC.
  • Copy of Neighbor’s electricity Bill. 
  • Wiring Test Report as per request load (Single Phase, Two Phase, Tree Phase).

After this, submit an application and you will get a unique tracking Number against the submitted application. Using that Number you can Track Application Demand Notice status as well. 


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