Energy Efficiency and Calculation

Energy efficiency and Calculation means achieving the same product or output, such as lighting and heating, while utilizing less energy. As Per documented, energy efficiency is a cheap and ample resource processed by most countries.

As per the International Energy Agency (IEA), an enhancement in energy efficiency across industries, transportation, and buildings can bring about a 30% decrease in the world’s energy demands by the year 2050. Additionally, it would contribute significantly to mitigating global greenhouse gas emissions. The methods to get updated bills of your energy consumption can be checked online . 

Various factors include distinct electricity purchasing agreements and markets, penalties for deviations, grid fees, and weight electricity bills for large consumers.

Energy efficiency and Calculation :

Energy Calculation & Saving

Calculations for Common Household Appliances : 

Common household appliances are electrical or mechanical devices used in homes to perform various tasks, making daily life more convenient and efficient. 

32-Inch TV: 

Suppose you own a 32-inch smart TV that consumes approximately 41 watts while powered on. Watching it for four hours daily will use about 308 watt-hours daily (41 watts x 4 hours = 164 watt-hours). To convert this to kilowatt-hours (kWh), divide 164 by 1000 (164 watt-hours ÷ 1000 = 0.164 kWh).

Assuming your electricity rate is 50 RS per kWh. So You can calculate the impact of your TV usage on your monthly electric bill. Multiply 0.164 kWh by 50 RS (0.164 kWh x 50 RS = 8.20 RS). Thus, your TV usage would account for approximately 8.20 RS of your daily consumption and contribute to your monthly electric bill.

Video Game System: 

A video gaming system’s power consumption typically ranges from 165 to 310 watts. If you play video games for three hours daily. The system could consume up to 930 watt-hours per day (310 watts x 3 hours = 930 watt-hours). To convert this to kilowatt-hours (kWh), divide 930 by 1000 (930 watt-hours ÷ 1000 = 0.93 kWh).

If your electricity rate is 50 RS per unit (kWh), the cost of playing video games for a day would be approximately 0.093 units (0.93 kWh x 50 RS = 46.50 RS).

Worldwide, experts in energy efficiency have pinpointed several key areas where significant energy savings can be achieved. These areas include industry, transportation, residential homes, and buildings. 

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