MEPCO Bill SMS Registration

Through Mepco Bill SMS Registration, users can effortlessly handle and make payments for their MEPCO , FESCO , IESCO , and QESCO  bills. In SMS bill activation, users can get a message about their electricity bill; payment of that bill is just a few taps on a mobile phone.

Process of SMS Registration in MEPCO : 

The SMS registration process is straightforward, consisting of just three simple steps. After you’ve successfully registered your mobile number with MEPCO, you’ll start receiving your monthly utility bill details via SMS on your registered mobile number. Additionally, it acts as a valuable backup in the event your physical bill is misplaced or experiences delays.

Steps Involved in MEPCO SMS bill activation : 

Mepco SMS Activation is easy, followed by these steps.

MEPCO Bill SMS Registration and Actiation

Step 1: Obtain a Reference Number:

In order to activate the Mepco Bill SMS services, the customer will require a reference number linked to the consumer account (Electricity Meter). This reference number can be located on your Mepco bill or obtained by reaching out to the customer support center.

Step 2: Send that Reference Number For activation/registration:

After obtaining your reference number from MEPCO, FESCO, and IESCO bills, visit the MEPCO SMS website and input your reference number along with your phone number, then proceed by clicking the “SUBMIT” button.

Step 3: Verification and Activation : 

After submission of the SMS activation form, the consumer will receive a confirmation message on the registered mobile number. The consumer will receive an SMS indicating validation of successful registration.

After the above three steps of MEPCO Bill SMS Registration and activation , the user will start receiving monthly bill details on the registered mobile number. The SMS will contain the 

  • Reference Number.
  • Bill Month.
  • Amount to be Paid
  • Due Date of Bill.

Silent Features of SMS Services :

Consumer information remains protected. In case you lose your registered mobile number or decide to update it, you can quickly re-register with your new contact information or unsubscribe by sending it as “UNSUB” To “8694568”/Given Number.

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